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John Smith 20/20

A very professional built instrument from a gentleman in the Montreal area. This organ plays the popular 20 note music, which are available from many suppliers in the USA and Europe at very reasonable cost. This instrument is complete and plays nicely. It has two rolls with it, which were actually made by the builder of the organ on a perforator of his own construction (perforator has been sold). Dimensions: 17" wide, 14" deep, 14" high (Top of cabinet) 17" high to top of facade
Weight: 49lbs
Price for the busker organ & 2 music rolls, Building manual is a low US$800.00
shipping is extra if required from Mt Forest Ontario Canada.
Please email me with your questions.
Ron Schmuck


Höffle Organ 20/56

Here is an instrument created from the book written by Walter Hoffle and is the result of several hundred hours of work by a gentleman in the Montreal area who receintly diseased. As you can see by the pictures this project was very close to completion, all that remains is the final pipe voicing and tuning. It was created to play both Paper music rolls and midi files. It is operational on midi files and quickly demonstrated the capability of Walter Hoffle's design and selection of this music scale which is popular with all of the major "Monkey Organ" builders. More midi files and paper rolls are available from different suppliers such as Melvin Wright and Alan Pell in England as well as several in the USA. The instrument also includes a valve chest and spool box for paper music roll operation. Presently it is set up for midi play. It was operating recently but when I turned on the midi reader it did not lite. I did attach my Klinger Organ Co. midi SD card reader and the driver board lit up and the organ played successfully. Organ uses a standard 12 volt battery, not included or a 12v DC transformer also not included. 1 SD midi card is included Also many books and drawings that were used in the construction. This instrument could also be re-arranged to play other styles as it has positions for 56 pipes.

It is mounted on a very sturdy street cart with pneumatic tires.

Dimensions are:
23" wide, 16.5" deep & 18" incl. shaft for wheel, 26" high
20.5" wide, 27" long, 19" high (Handle removed).
Weight: Organ 80lbs, Cart, 46Lbs

Price includes everything you see in the pictures (Except my MidiReader) and is at a very low Price of US$3500.00 FOB Mt Forest, Ont. Canada N0G2L0 All offers are considered and multiple item purchases get a 10% discount.
Please email me with your questions.
Ron Schmuck

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