Got a mechanical music instrument that needs a bit of TLC?
You are at the right place!
If you can bring or ship your instrument to Coquitlam, BC, Canada, we will take care of it and get it running again!
There is this very unfortunate prejudice in north america for unfair practices when it comes to these restorations; Horror stories of instruments being ripped apart and then kept hostage for ever increasing financial demands in order to get the job done. Such things have happened to customers - but not to *my* customers! The actions of a "few rotten eggs" make life harder for those of us who still walk thru life with a good set of morals. After your initial introduction of your "patient" to me, I can give you a fixed labour rate for the entire job. The nature of the beast lies within not knowing what I will encounter once I open your instrument up. Any "hidden" costs only arise thru what is actually broken within.
We live in a modern world, as such you will receive photos and updates that will let you make your own decision to order replacement parts or to try and have me mend them for you - either way you pay still the same flatrate we agreed upon for my labour, but - alas - if new parts are required all incurring costs of these (incl. shipping) will indeed fall back on you.

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Not in my area? Qualified and trustworthy technicians like me are unfortunately few and far between;
having said that - if I can refer you to someone closer to your area, I will do so!


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