Electronic Organs:

The Traditionalists in the ranks of the street organ enthusiasts very much do not like to see anything electronic inside of any street organ, however, there are several factors which might sway you away from going full on traditional with your new instrument.
Accquiring and transporting around a significant repertoire in the form of paper rolls has issues and limitations. A memory card on the other hand stays the same size and weight and right from the start will have over 100 titles that can be easily selected or even repeated.
If you want to go down that route, then only Wittmann and Deleika will be of selection for you. Stüber doesn't provide any electronics.
Going electronic is more expensive to start with, but still cheaper then the equivalent of the organ+rolls you get for that money.
Should you be able to afford a little bit more, then there is also another option, that gives you the best of both worlds: a memory card for the big repertoire AND a roll-player-system to demonstrate that technology to your audience as well.
There are a few select music arrangers (*hint-hint*) that do not even sell their music in electronic (MIDI) form - only as rolls.
But with the dual-system you could be flexible.

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