Custom Organs:

Aside of individually customizing the organs listed in the other categories (Paint colour etc.) you also have the option to go "off the list" - so to speak - and order something way more individually designed.
All our manufacturers are master craftsmen and will be happy to listen to your ideas. Obviously a "one of" a kind instrument will be pricier, but it will also be truely unique in the world.

Deleika custom NT 26/73

While the usual 26 note organs do not come with a manual stop (a piccolo stop is optional), this custom ordered 26 note organ has three manual stops, as well as the dual-system of Nobatronic and rolls.

Stüber "Dutch" 31er

Similar to the Standard 31 Concert, but this one was built with a typical double set of stopped Bourdon pipes tuned in beat as they are common in dutch street organs right up front.

Wittmann Aristoflute

Wittmann Aristoflute - Pipe Ariston Organette

This instrument is actually a discontinued product, but could be custom ordered.
This entry on this page is entirely unique in that there is no music rolls operating this instrument. The discs used for this organ are an invention of the Ehrlich company in Leipzig. The overwhelming majority of instruments using these discs were small reed organettes built by Ehrlich called "Ariston", but they have also found their use in foot-pedaled reed organs (harmonium) as well as even some stringed instruments (Aristoharp) AND - last but not least - a very few select pipe organs called "Aristoflute".
The model built by Wittmann is not a replica of a historical design, but a modern adaptation geared towards reliability. If you want to mix it up from all the roll-players or especially should you already own a historical Ariston Reed Organette, then you should seriously consider ordering one of these.
You can use all 24 key (33cm) Ariston discs that you can find on this organ. We also offer reproduction discs or even new custom discs, manufactured on a high-precision automated perforation machine.

24 notes:
5 wood Bass stopped
19 wood stopped 8' on display
tuned at 440 Hz

Largest pipe: "D"
Smallest pipe: "g"


keyframe, 4-stroke bellows
Width/Depth/Height: 47.6cm/54.6cm/46.7cm
Weight: 24 kg


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