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You will find yourself in safe hands with us on your journey to purchase a Street Organ that will become for you like another family member, sharing your path thru life!
My family started collecting mechanical music instruments in the early 1970s. We've been part of the Street Organ Enthusiasts, their Rallies and various Clubs in Europe (GSM, CDD, KDV, FOPS, etc.) since those early days. We are not only connected to the "who-is-who" of the European Street Organ Market - we know them first hand!
We have watched with wide eyes as each of them entered the market and inspected their instruments and all of their new developments thru the years. We know what works and how it works and thru our own enthusiasm for these wonderful machines and their technology as well as their music, we are only too keen to infect you with that same amazement.
As such we will be happy to guide you and answer all those lurking questions.
Organ Grinders are as individually different as the instruments themselves - we will do our level best to find something that matches for you!

As we have been collecting and trading grindorgans for ourselves over the years, learning to take care of them comes with the territory! On numerous occassions we had the chance to keep watchful eyes on the masters hands, as they tweaked this or that for us. Thus, thru the years, we not only maintained our own "fleet" of organs, but serviced or repaired Organettes, Crank Organs and even Fair Organs for our own customers as well.

Another major interrest within our 'hobby' (absolutely the 2nd best pastime one can do - playing the "Happiest Music on Earth"!) has been the Arranging of new music for these instruments. Even the technology is over 120 years old - they can consistantly repeat flawless performances of musical pieces that even a musician wizard would be put thru a sweat to do - all at just the turn of a hand! My personal goal has been to cover as wide and deep of a spectrum of music and musical styles to proof exactly this: *everything* is possible on these instruments!
There has been a somewhat biased focus on modern music; but that is to "reel in" all the young audience as well - playing music from Maroon5, Rihanna or Daft Punk inbetween all the traditional music just blows them away!

In the short and long of it: We are thoroughly "ill" with this "Bacillus Mechanicus" and as such we are not going anywheres - we will be here for your service until our last breath!

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We are looking forward to hear from you, have you meet us, or meet each other at one event or another!


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