R 27/54 Z

27 notes and 54 Accordeon reeds

  • The delightful Accordeon sound of 27 double reeds conjures up a French Musette
  • Thanks to the dominantly chromatic scale various music pieces in major and minor keys can be played
  • The volume can be adjusted by opening and closing the front and top lids. Additionally, the tone can be turned up or down with a special volume lever, or made to vibrate for a tremolo effect
  • This organ is the ideal instrument for all those who like singing and are looking for the right accompaniment
  • Aside of all other music, there are more then 200 French Songs and Chansonsavailable!

French 27

R 20/40 Z

20 notes and 40 Accordeon reeds

  • 20 high-quality double reeds paired with powerful double-bellows produce a mellow, sonorous Accordeon sound
  • The volume is adjustable and also suited for small rooms
  • The keys of G and C are especially suited for singing
  • The organ is controlled by perforated rolls. All music rolls for standard 20-note organs can be played

Virtuoso Accordeon sounds emanating French charm

JR with R20Z