R 20 Z & R 31 Z

with electronic control
20/31 notes and 20/31 Accordeon reeds

  • The refined Accordeon sound is perfect for small rooms and offers singers the perfect accompaniment
  • Easily portable organ with electronic control that plays without music rolls. Different options can be controlled and played at the touch of a button (song speed, repeat, special track lists)
  • Very easy handling and does not require overly steady grinding
  • The large song bank of over 250 titles lets you play all pieces within an instant and guarantees many hours of varied entertainment
  • No more spooling around with music tapes. Less gear (and weight!) to carry around with you
  • You can select your own individual song bank from our music roll repertoire
  • If you decide you need multiple cartridges, they are easy to exchange
  • Thanks to its powerful battery pack you can make music for hours without a power supply
  • Can be cranked either at the back or at the side

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20 Z electronic