R 20/31 & R 20/40

20 notes and 31/40 pipes (2/3 ranks, 0/1 stop)

  • Nine two-in-one double melody pipes, with one rank tuned in beat to the other is giving the organ that unmistakable "Raffin" sound! This is what really sets it apart from all other grind organs
  • Its mellow and full organ sound makes it one of the most loved street organs worldwide
  • Easy to transport, fits into every car
  • The optional inlays are made in Italy and are of very high quality
  • Synchronously play is possible with other 20-note and 31-note organs that are tuned in F-major or B-flat-major respectively
  • The precise control by perforated roll and a powerful bellow allow any 20-note music roll to be played
  • Model R 20/40 has an additional manual metal quint pipe stop, providing more variety in sound

You will be amazed by the pleasant sounds of these pipes!
These double pipes capture all hearts

Pipe setup

2x 9 Bourdon 8'
9 Metal flute pipes quint 2 2/3'
  (only in Model R 20/40)
Accompaniment: 9 Bourdon 8'
2 Bourdon 8'
2 Bourdon 4'
20 Standard