R 20/31 mini

20 notes and 31 pipes (2 ranks, 1 stop)

  • The refined pipe sound is the perfect accompaniment for all singers & musical artists
  • The volume of this organ can be controlled by an adjustable plexiglass cover and is also ideally suited for smaller rooms
  • With an especially constructed lever the tone can vibrate creating a tremolo effect
  • This organ can be played synchronously with other 20-note and 31-note organs that are tuned in F-major or B-flat-major respectively
  • The extra switchable metal rank (quint) stop allows for interesting sound variations
  • The precise control by perforated roll and a powerful bellow allow any 20-note music roll to be played
  • This organ can optionally either be operated from the back or from the side

Clear the stage for musical performances

Pipe setup

11 Bourdon 8'
11 Metal flute pipes quint 2 2/3'
Accompaniment: 7 Bourdon 8'
Bass: 2 Bourdon 8'
20 Mini