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grind organ enthusiasts!

Where you can:
- Spread happiness
- Receive joy and friendship
- Start singing and making music for everyone
- Act & experience an escape from everyday life!
- and - in the twinkling of an eye - give a grand concert


Music is the key to human hearts!
Enjoy hours of harmony - respire!
Settle down where songs are sung!
For the joy that we give,
returns back into our own hearts!

This is the official north american *WESTCOAST* outlet
For all your RAFFIN ORGAN needs!
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Aside of the Raffin brand, we can also help you find
any other Organ you might be looking for
To do so, simply get in touch: E-MAIL
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Wittmann Orgelbau STUEBER BERLIN

Thru us you will find a variety of infos about GRIND ORGANS.
Get access to all current available brands & types;
GRIND ORGANS that you can purchase *today* and soon could entertain
for your friends, families or neighbourhoods!
For all these GRIND ORGANS we can also provide you the music to play them.
And if we do not have the tune you are looking for, we can arrange it for you!

For any inquiries please get in touch via EMAIL
Aside of all other services listed we also tune, repair and restore
mechanical instruments of all varieties.

We hope to meet you soon - may it be at a Rally or otherwise.

Until then keep on cranking the HAPPIEST MUSIC ON EARTH!


Last Update: 2018-01

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